Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Bunny Ears Drawstring Bag Tutorial

This is the first time I have done a tutorial.  It really made me slow down and think about the steps.  A couple of them could have been separated out, but they go so quickly in those spots that they seem like one step.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and look forward to seeing your bunny ear bags. 




Four 12.5 inch by 12 inch squares of main fabric

Two 11 by 2.5 inch strips of main fabric

Two bunny ear fabric pieces of main fabric and two of contrast fabric- 4 inches at base, curve to 8 inch height

Sewing Machine 

2 yards of ribbon



Pins and clips

Safety pin


Embroidery machine, thread, cut away stabilizer (follow designer's instructions)

Peeking Bunny Alphabet from Designs by Juju (not an affiliate, paid design)

You can find it here or use any that you like for this project.



Step 1- 

I use 100% cotton fabric for this project.  Prepare fabric.  Press all pieces.  The 12.5 inch side is vertical, 12 inch horizontal.  If using a directional pattern make sure that the direction is the same on all 4 pieces. Round off all bottom corners of all main fabric pieces.  If using the embroidery design, embroider in the center of one piece of main fabric.  


Step 2-

Place main fabric and contrast fabric of bunny ears together- face to face so that the outsides of both fabrics are showing.  Sew along the long edges of both ears using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving the bottoms open.  Notch or use pinking shears along the edges, making sure not to clip the stitching.  Turn right side out and press.



Step 3- 

Press in both short ends of 11x2.5 inch strips about 1/2 an inch on the wrong side.  Press together long edges to the middle on the wrong side. Press together.  Sew a straight seam along short ends and set aside.


Step 4- 

Fold and pin ears an inch or so up. Place ears with inner ear toward right side of main fabric and baste in place.  Place back side of bag on top (right sides together).  Stitch around the sides and bottom using a 1/2 seam allowance.  Place right sides of other two main pieces together and stitch around the sides and bottom.  Use pinking shear or make notches on rounded corners.  Turn plain fabric pieces right side out and press.

*Note* I intentionally pinned these slightly differently to show how it looks with different spacing. You will plainly see the the differences in following photos. The spacing is entirely up to your personal preference.  


Step 5- 

Place plain bag inside main bag right sides together and line up seams.  Use clips to hold in place.  Clip at ears.  Use a 5/8 seam allowance and sew around top, leaving a 2-3 space in the back for turning.


Step 6-

Using space left in top seam, turn right sides out.  Push the lining inside the main bag and press around the top.  Top stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around the top of your lined bag.


Step 7- 

Pin one of the 11 inch strip 1/2 an inch from the top of the bag on the front and the 2nd strip on the back. Stitch a straight line across the bottom and top of the strip, forming a casing.  Be careful at this point to not catch the other side of the bag.  Do this on both sides.


Step 8- 

Cut 2 one yard pieces of yarn and run through casings in opposite directions.  Use a safety pin to help guide the ribon. Start on one side run one piece through front and back casing. After you have two pieces on one side, start on other end and repeat. Tie a knot in each end.


Step 9-

Enjoy your new bag.

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