Why did you move to Louisiana?

Why did you move to Louisiana?

Many people have asked why we moved to Louisiana.  A very small town in Northern Louisiana to be specific.

Like everywhere else on the planet, there are benefits and drawbacks to living anywhere.  Yes, it is hot and humid here.  Yes, the mosquitos sound like helicopters when they come in.  Yes, the economy here is essentially horrible.  So why do two mostly reasonable human beings choose to leave a comfortable lifestyle and come here?

Simply put, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.  If you have never been to Louisiana, you may not understand a few things.  If you decide to visit, come see us on your way to New Orleans.

We cannot talk about Louisiana without mentioning the food.  The food is worth a visit.  Is it healthy?  Will it help with my weight loss journey?  Absolutely not.  Is it delicious, decadent, and amazing?  In every single way.  Honestly, most of the small mom and pop gas stations here have better food than restaurants in many other places.

The property is inexpensive in many places.  If you look around in some of the smaller places you can find property incredibly cheap.  For example- the property we purchased was less than a down payment on a smaller property in the other places that we were looking.  So yes, it is harder to find employment but there is also less need for income to lead a similar lifestyle.

The people are different here.  There is the small town everyone knows your business, which is pretty much every small town on the planet. When we moved here, people noticed us but actually respected our privacy.  They weren't intrusive.  After a year, we speak to a few people and wave at others, but it is on our terms.  It is kind of amazing to have a balance in that way.  Friendly but not intrusive on our peace.

Pine and magnolia trees cover the property.  Deer come to nibble on the plants in our backyard.  It truly is our little slice of paradise. 

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